Installation Instructions

Product Preparation
Focal Point polyurethane products, like wood, will expand and contract due to temperature or humidity changes. The product must be acclimatized to normal room conditions for 24 hours prior to installation. Concrete slabs and unfinished sheet rock may add moisture to the jobsite. Running a heater or air conditioner will help to dehumidify the space. Moulding should be stored flat. Nothing should be stacked on top of Focal Point products.

Focal Point products are factory-primed and ready to finish.  They may be painted, stained, or faux finished. Fill screw or nail holes using a vinyl spackle or plastic filler.  If the primed finish has been scratched or damaged, the area should be spackled, sanded and touched up with primer prior to painting.  

Focal Point recommends a quality latex or oil-based paint for a smooth solid finish.  If you 
are preparing a faux finish, including wood grain, use a non-penetrating glazing stain or paint.  DO NOT use lacquer based paint products on Focal Point products. All polyurethane products are subject to thermal expansion and contraction and therefore should not be painted in darker colors that absorb more radiation than lighter colors. Flat, eggshell and satin finishes are recommended because they are more porous during the curing process.

Non-solvent polyurethane construction adhesive is specially formulated to be used on polyurethane moulding joints and seams.  It welds pieces together when properly used, virtually eliminating call-backs for joint separation.  Use one tube of adhesive for every 60 linear feet of moulding. Immediately remove excess adhesive that bleeds on to the face of the moulding.

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